"So what does 'the race of Pablo' mean?" 

I'm glad you asked. Let me explain...
In "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Ernest Hemingway, the main character Robert Jordan 
is embedded with communist freedom fighters, pitted against fascists in the Spanish civil war.
Most of the rebels he meets are noble and good, but one is a mean-tempered, vicious drunk named Pablo.
Pablo is only good at one thing: killing. The rebels keep him around because he's valuable in a fight,
but he's dangerous and otherwise useless.
At one point, Jordan is discussing with an experienced guerrilla fighter named Anselmo the weight 
of killing another human being. Anselmo says "With or without God, I think it is a sin to kill.
To take the life of another is to me very grave. I will do it when necessary but I am not of the race of Pablo."
In our cynical culture it's often difficult to find authentic voices.
To see someone engage the world with open-eyed optimism.
My work is often political, and sometimes disturbing, but I don't do it because I am seeking to 
be a troll, but rather because I am compelled by my conscience to speak out and work for a better future.
I create work that reflects uncomfortable truths,
but I am not of the race of Pablo.
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